Bill Broomfield
Bill has over 20 years experience directing and shooting for TV. His most recent work includes the IT Crowd and BBC 2's Twenty Twelve. He also has a BAFTA award and an Emmy nomination to his name. This is all grist to the mill when it comes to giving Podcats videos that extra polish.
Jane Markham
Jane's gold Sony Radio award, from her radio days as a presenter and journalist, is proudly displayed on the Podcats mantlepiece! She continued the tradition by picking up a bronze Sony for Nature's Voice - the audio podcast we make for the RSPB. Nowadays she's fully converted to video - and uses her production experience from Newsbeat to Classic FM to tell the stories our clients want told.
Jenny Broomfield
Jenny has been with Podcats since 2010. As well as her production and editorial skills she keeps the team in order as the production manager. She also runs Podcats' sister company web design duo Marmalade & Jam, so she's well versed in how to make the most of your video online.
Podrig is the most recent recruit at Podcats. He joined as Chief Exec, likes to be known as the boss, and sleeps for most of the day on a cushion on the windowsill. He runs faster than any of the rest of the team and stays up much later hardly ever getting home before 4.30am. Podcats have no trouble with mice.
Podcats Productions, Sandford Gate, Sandy Lane W, Oxford, OX4 6LB